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Laura Ashton-Phillips
The Botanic Blonde

Growing up with my mother as a keen gardener, I was lucky enough to be exposed to the joys of gardening and growing your own fruit and vegetables. From establishing beautiful cottage gardens to late night slug hunts in the dark, we were always immersed in nature through my mother's skills. However as a typical contrary offspring I went off in a different direction running a successful music education company in Oxfordshire!

The years passed and although I always grew my own vegetables and loved gardening, life got in the way. In 2020 we were forced to close our business through the impact if Covid-19 but this opened the opportunity for me to retrain and focus my attentions on doing the things I loved.

In 2021 I was approached by my dear friend, Lizzie Brookes, to come and help her flourishing wildflower business near the Forest of Dean, Ecohab Wildflowers. I undertake wildflower propagation, plug plant care, and nursery maintenance at the nursery whilst also studying with the RHS and establishing my own horticulture business, The Botanic Blonde.

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